Friday, 1 December 2017

Celebrity Driver

As the end of November fades and December gets underway I get braced for the seasonal delays on the bus occasioned by a combination of the weather and the increased traffic and number of passengers.

Of course the delays always feel so much longer in the dark and the cold .

Wednesday came in with a cold biting wind and having stood at the middle bus stop in the rain experiencing one of those delays I was not looking forward to the walk home form the bus station.

As I arrived at the bus station I remembered the little bus that is a new feature and goes past my home removing the need to trudge up the incline (that I have before noted appears to be a steeper gradient on the home up journey than on the down to work) I have occasional arrived just in time to catch it.

This time, there was no little bus waiting however, I popped my head into the bus station and noted it was due in two minutes, worth the wait, it would still get me home quicker and avoid a cold wet walk.

As the bus pulled in I was already feeling rather jolly at the  prospect of a warm ride and a decision well made.  As I stepped on the bus I almost voiced out loud my immediate thought on seeing the driver.  The mature, portly white haired and fully white bearded driver.

It's Santa Clause! 

Only if his uniform had been red would he have looked any more the part. All of the ride home (short thought it was) the thought that Santa Clause was driving my bus kept me amused and in a rather more jolly mood than the earlier delay and winter chill had forecast.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Its not even snowing


just a shirt man had a coat this morning!

Admittedly just a thin coat.

He is a tough Northern Lad after all.

Mind I was hard pressed not to make a comment about the weather.

Which was particularly chill this morning.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Riding backwards and moving forward

A different bus journey today.  A busy bus and for part of the journey sitting in a seat facing backwards. Not my favorite direction.

But as I travel to meet my best friend and her family for a most special day I contemplate beginnings. 

A journey my friend started years ago has come to a certain sort of ending that is in fact a beginning.

Today my friend had her graduation ceremony from the Open University. A journey that included her starting a blog life outside the washing basket and inspiring me to start mine. The Beggining

There have been some interesting stops and starts, ups and downs and experiences on the way for us both.

So here is a rather blurry picture of that moment of confirmation.

(an update by permission with the much better picture taken by her brother)

well done Roni. 
So then whats next?

The derelict building is

no more


Lot of memories there. 

and a further step is added to my personal paranoia.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Can they fix it?

Yes they can, wow as I reported the mess of the path after the last hole dug in it I did so with less optimism than I had prior to that path modification.

This time, result. The patchwork that was the section of path in which the puddle in its various forms lived was one flat unified stretch of smooth grey.

You can see in this homeward bound view the bit of patchwork disappearing into the new path.

Took pictures from the outward bound view as well it was so nice.

Yup they even fixed the adding path which removed the issue there too.  I went to complement the council on the wonderful path, there was no where to do that...shame.  

Monday, 11 September 2017

Just a shirt Man

New character in my bus journey is just a shirt man.

I see him walking to the bus station ahead of me some mornings, others he arrives after me. 

He wears a long sleeved shirt...even when it is pelting down with rain and he is drenched.

Now that is not just unexpected weather but even when it has been forecast.

There is part of me waiting with curiosity for the snow! 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

So near

and yet so far....

Rubbish aim?

for the rubbish going into the bin at the bus station. A bit depressing really.